Am/Can/Int'l Ch Keelypso's Catcha Risin Star

Yeager was the pick pup from Tala's second and final litter, born
March 15, 2003. His first show weekend he took Reserve Winners
Dog the first day. His second show weekend he took Winners
Dog and Best of Winners the first day for a three point major.
His third weekend he moved up from seventh in his Bred-By class
to second each day. The fourth weekend he took RWD the first
day and WD and BOW the second for another three point
major. On the fifth weekend he took WD the first day for a five
point major as well as BOW and Best Bred-By in Breed and a
Group 4 in the Bred-By Exhibitor group, then took RWD the
second day. On his sixth weekend of showing at fourteen months
of age he completed his AKC championship by taking WD and
BOW for another five point major. Also at fourteen months of
age, he took second place in a field of fourteen in the Bred By Exhibitor
class at the Heart of America Keeshond Club Specialty held in
conjunction with the Keeshond Club of America National
Specialty. At sixteen and seventeen months of age Yeager was
pulled from Specials entries numbering in the neighborhood of
eight or nine dogs to make the final cut for consideration for
BOB. He went on to win his first BOB at eighteen months of
age. He completed his International Championship in October of
2004 by going BOB three out of four shows and garnering two
Group 1's in Bred-By group and a Group 1 and two Group 2's
in the regular group. Following one of his Bred-By group wins,
he took Reserve Best Bred-By in Show. He did his puppy coat
blow that December and was not back in good coat until April of
2005. In very limited showing in 2005 he made the BOB cut once and
won BOB twice.

Yeager's qualities are numerous. He has excellent movement, both
coming and going and very nice side gait. He is short backed and
has a very nice tail set and wonderful ear set. He has a very nice
wedge shaped head, with a nice dark muzzle, dark almond shaped
eyes and an excellent bite. He has excellent bone and a well
barreled, deep chest. Yeager is a very showy dog and shows
beautifully, when he behaves like an adult.
Yeager's main drawbacks are he lacks the elegant neck of his
mother and he has some creamy color in his coat, although not as
much as his half sister, Rebel. But his biggest detriment is his size,
standing only 17 1/2" at the withers. Although this is only 1/2"
shy of the standard, the Judges tend to prefer a larger dog, in the males.

In August of 2006 Yeager travelled up to Canada for the
Keeshond Club of Canada's National Specialty. He showed
out of coat, but came away with Winners Dog and Best of
Winners at the Specialty. On the following weekend at the
Moose Jaw shows he went on to win WD, BOW, BOB and a
Group3 one day and WD the next day (losing out to his niece for
BOB). He was sitting on 6 points towards his Canadian
Championship, after that one weekend.
The weekend after returning from Canada he went to the
Greeley, CO show, one of the largest shows in the country. Due
to a mix up, he didn't show the first day, but came away with Best
of Breed the following day, again out of coat.
Since working on his niece's and nephew's show careers took
priority, Yeager was not shown much after the Summer of
2006. He managed to get pulled in heavy BOB competition
when he was shown and racked up four BOB wins in very
limited showing during 2007.

In October, 2007, we travelled to British Columbia, Canada for a five show circuit that included the Keeshond Club of B.C. Specialty and a Group VI Specialty and three All-Breed shows. Yeager won Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the Keeshond Specialty and Winners Dog at the Group VI Specialty, thus completing his Canadian Championship. He was pulled for the Best of Breed cut the following day at the first All-Breed show, but picked up a bug and was not feeling well the last two days and was pulled from competition the last day.

In February, 2008 Yeager was entered in shows in Hobbs, NM and Denver, CO, however, Cindy fractured her heel and was not able to walk during that period of time and certainly was unable to show him. He was put on a professional handler for the Hobbs shows, which proved to be a mistake. He misbehaved and was only able to defeat the other male special, but lost the Breed to a bitch. The first day of the Denver shows, he was shown by a friend and acted up even more and did not even make the cut. On the following days, Cindy asked permission from the Judges to handle him using a scooter type device to rest her leg on and the Judges graciously approved. The second day of the show Yeager made the Judge's cut and the third day he actually won BOB handled by Cindy on her scooter. His gait is so smooth, the scooter did not cause any interference and he showed beautifully. He was pulled for BOB consideration at several shows that year, going up against a professional handler, but did not get the win. He was retired after winning BOB once more at the Evergreen Kennel Club show in 2009 and has since been neutered.

Yeager's OFA certification numbers:
Thyroid - KE-TH103/38M-PI
Cardiac - KE-CA82/53M/P-PI
Patellae - KE-PA386/53M/P-PI
Hips - KE-3987G54M-PI
Elbows - KE-EL370M54-PI
PHPT - Negative by descent
CERF - Normal KE-987/2007--56
CHIC # - 43594
We are very sad to announce that we lost Yeager to cancer in July 2013. He battled bravely for almost a year before the disease took its toll. We are sure he is enjoying apples and oranges at the Rainbow Bridge!
1st Major (3 pt) at 8 months of age
3rd Major (5 pt), Best BBE & BBE Group 4
2nd Place in Bred-By-Exhibitor class at the HOAKC Specialty during the 2004 National
4th Major (5 pt), BOW & New AKC Champion
BOB win in Billings, MT
BOB  win in Grand Junction, CO
2nd BOB win in Billings, MT
WD, BOW at the Keeshond Club of Canada National Specialty
BOB  win in Greeley, CO
BOB  win in Houston, TX