Bond - Am Ch TwinTrees Never Say Never
WD at Buckhorn Valley KC

Bond was born November 18, 2001 and was the pick of the litter
from the breeding of Ch. Sherwood Silversmith (Smitty) and Twin
Trees Bobbie Sox (Bobbie). He had a great personality and
stacked himself nicely and was a really nice puppy. As a puppy his
ears were a little on the large side, but it just took a while for the
rest of him to catch up to them.

He was Soren's first show dog and it took a little while for him to
show Bond to his best. During the process Bond picked up a lot of
Reserve Winners Dog awards. He got close several times but never
quite made it. By the time Bond had matured enough and Soren
had figured out how to show him to his best, the final Major that he
needed was hard to come by and he ended up with a lot more points
than necessary, but he did finally get his championship at the end of
March 2004.

Unfortunately, Bond was a little on the small side and so he never
really made it as a Special. However, he did really well as a
Junior Handler Dog. Soren Christopher wanted to follow Mom
and Dad and start showing, so he took up the "mantle" and
started showing Bond as a Junior Handler.

Soren Christopher did really well with Bond as a junior handler.
The two of them made a great team and managed to move out of the
Novice class very quickly and started competing in the Open Junior
Handler class.

Bond's OFA certification numbers:
Thyroid - KE-TH134/63M-PI

Bond was not to be used for breeding, therefore, he was neutered
in 2005 and we have not performed any other OFA tests on him.
He had his thyroid done as part of a research project
to determine normal thyroid levels in Keeshonden that have no signs of
thyroid disease.

We are sad to announce that we lost Bond in April 2014 and he will forever fill a place in our hearts!
WD/BOW in Grand Junction, CO
WD at Evergreen CO KC
WD/BOW in Waco, TX
WD/BOW/New Champion in Scottsbluff, SD